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Why Recycle?
Each day, we throw away a tremendous amount of what we call "trash". However, much of what we discard are actually recyclable materials. 

It All Adds Up....
Paper, plastic, and metals can all be used to make new items; creating jobs, conserving energy, landfill space, and our Earth's natural resources.

We Can Make a Difference
As our landfills become full, it’s vitally important that we find new and more efficient ways of reusing the materials we throw away.

Help Us Grow a Greener Community
It's up to you and me.    For our planet.              For future generations.

Please Recycle.
A small change can make a huge impact.

Get Involved.
Recycling Myths Debunked

Myth #1 Recycled stuff just ends up in the trash anyway.
Truth: While we can't say that no item placed in a recycling bin has ever ended up in a landfill, we can assure you that everything we accept is recycled.  Currently, an average of $1 is spent to landfill materials worth $3 - it makes no sense, at all.  Manufacturers need your stuff to make new stuff! 

Myth #2The trash company sorts through my trash and removes all the recyclable materials.
Truth: Sorry! We know some people want to believe it, but don't fool yourselves. Absolutely everything thrown in the trash in our community ends up in a landfill. Separating trash from recyclables is prohibitive in nature and almost never happens. Some cities have this type of program, but it's highly ineffective, expensive and uncommon.

Myth #3 Recycling is tedious and time consuming.
Truth: Let's face it, it's not 1985, anymore.  The days of separating materials, removing caps, crushing cans and removing their tabs is over.  These days, it's become so easy that more Americans recycle than vote.  There are approximately 20,000 curbside programs and drop sites in our country because people use and support them.

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Did You Know....?
Humans have consumed more in the past century than all of previous history combined.  ~EPA, 2009
Each Sunday, 500,000 trees could be saved if everyone recycled their newspapers.
Americans will buy an estimated 25 billion bottles of water this year. 8 of 10 will end up in a landfill.
In the US, steel recycling saves enough energy to heat and light 18 million homes.
Though the number of landfills in the US is decreasing, the average size is increasing dramatically.
What Our Customers are Saying...

"I've been a customer for over a year now. Our trash has been decreased by half. Amazing!"   ~Peggy K

"Thanks for your wonderful service. We love it!" ~ Rachael G.

"Great service! I can't believe how much stuff we used to throw away that we now recycle!" ~Kathy J.
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